About Us

We exist to prove that data can help to transform the world

In God We Trust; All Others Must Bring Data. 

Welliam Edwards Deming

We are a Singapore based company with a cross cultural team across Singapore & India. We deliver Machine Learning solutions across the finance vertical to help improve investors investment decision. The company was formed to address two objectives

UN Sustainability goal eight & nine focus on economic development and investments in innovation. Big Data Investor takes a lead from UN sustainability goals and enables an investment environment with data driven predictions for investors to decide on investment opportunities.

The other goal of the company is to reduce economic losses. Currently, $ 40 billion is invested in Southeast Asia every year; of which $ 30bn will be loss making. We believe we can help investors change this model with data.

Data has been proved to indicate success of a venture to a higher degree than other investment decision. We seek partnership with investors to help them include data driven insights in their decision-making process.  Our goal is to reduce at least 10% of the current loss.

Our experienced multicultural, inclusive, and multi geography team will be happy to engage with you to assist in your actualization of your growth objectives.