Our Approach

“Data! Data! Data!” He cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

Investment is an art and a science. Our approach is science to complement the years of experience and the knowledge that an investor has of the market and the start-up founder.

We believe in Data and Artificial Intelligence. Our tools are Research, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. With academic rigor, papers being published in leading conferences and journals, and professional experience, our data approach helps to predict

  • Whether a late-stage startup is over or under funded
  • What is the level of revenue that the start-up should generate for its current resource base?
  • Whether a startup will be successful or a failure
  • What factors would a company need to invest in to be able to receive appropriate funding

Data is researched by us, factors weighed in accordance with practical experience and academic research, algorithms and models built to provide an investor with additional risk rated input to decide.

The model comprises of funding dynamics, startup data, sentiment analysis, startup team, and indicators that demonstrate market potential and potential for quantification of the user experience.

We also understand that each stage of investment is different, each industry is different, treatment across regions is different, and your requirements as an investor are different. We are happy to partner with you to customize the solution for your requirements.