Special Purpose Audit and Taxation

Special Purpose Audit

We provide special audit services under Singapore Standard on Review Engagements (SSRE) to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our special audit services include (the list is not exhaustive):

Government grant audit, e.g. MOH subsidies

PIP scheme audit

Verification of fixed assets

Verification of the nature of entertainment claims

We also provide agreed-upon procedure, which we will agree with the management and report on factual findings.


We offer a broad range of taxation services to our clients to meet their tax compliance obligations and responsibilities. Accordingly, knowledge of the latest income tax incentive schemes or exemptions may result in significant tax benefits which ultimately will lead to tax savings, to assist both businesses and individuals in maximizing these tax benefits.

Our services include:

  • Corporate tax
  • Filing of ECI to IRAS
  • Preparing tax computation with schedules
  • Submission of income tax return to IRAS
  • Goods and services tax